10 Driving Laws You’ve Probably Broken

Having no driving tickets ever in your life doesn’t make you the best driver ever. Maybe the traffic enforcer didn’t see you violating any crimes or maybe they just let you go because of your charm but nonetheless, we should always be careful when we are driving anywhere we go.

There will always be times when we are not aware of our driving. Especially here in Manila when some of the places do not have traffic enforcers so we tend to break some rules that we don’t even know that we are already breaking. In our case, here are 10 Driving Laws that you have probably broken during your travel.

1. Driving Too Slowly

Speeding is obviously irresponsible but there are number of drivers that mistakenly believe they can go as slow as they like in the road or even in expressways. If you are caught driving too slowly, this offense can qualify as ‘careless driving’ and a police officer can pull you over.

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Eating or Drinking

This might be a regular or a normal thing for you to do but if you are caught doing the things mentioned above, you can really be sanctioned. You can qualify as ‘Severely Distracted’ when caught in the act of doing this.

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Having a booze-snooze

Have you ever experienced going home at night only to find out that you’ve been locked out the house or you lost the key? Never think about sleeping in your car for a while. This crime can cause you a lot of money for a fine.

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Letting a passenger cradle a baby

There are number of new set of rules to protect young children inside the car. The driver of a vehicle can now be fined for letting a passenger cradle a baby.

This really seems harsh but it is a part of a wider project to encourage parents to take better care for there little ones while driving.

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Playing with your phone

This is obviously a bad habit of driving. This can cause serious accident not only with the driver but also with your passengers. It is better to keep away our electronic devices for our safety.

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Doing your Makeup

Some of us feels like we’re late so we do things in our car like putting on makeup or fixing our hair. What we don’t know is that in other countries, this is a legitimate traffic offense just like eating or drinking inside your car.

This falls under distracted driving. Safe driving according to them requires undivided attention.


You can be accounted as having a ‘disorderly behavior’ and can be fined. This is a major problem if you swear in front of a Traffic enforcer. Most of the motorist who swear don’t really pay for fines but it will just be nice if we don’t swear while driving.

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Blasting your tunes

Loud music is dangerous and being irresponsible when you are driving. This is because it is prone to accidents. You might not hear horns from cars near you if there’s an emergency.

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Beeping your horn unnecessarily

This can cause major confusion in the road if somebody hears something like this. You are also creating unnecessary sound that can add up to the stress with the drivers.

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Wrong Parking

Even if you turn on the ‘hazzard button’ of your car, if you are on a wrong place of parking, it is still considered illegal. You can clog the road if you go to the wrong waiting area.

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