10 Filipina Celebrities Who Could Definitely Go Behind The Wheels

Who said women celebrities are just good at acting on screen? They are also shockingly good at driving their luxurious rides. In this world of women empowerment, they are the epitome that girls could definitely do what boys can.

With their hard-earned money, these female beauties have decided to invest on having a car of their own. Great time and energy saver for their fast-paced life and busy schedule!

Angel Locsin

Automobile: Black Hummer

Angel got this masculine guy right here way back 2007. According to the actress herself, this was her dream car that’s why despite the not-so-cheap price, she bought it to avoid having regrets in the future.

The actress is known for her women empowerment advocacy and talent in acting. With her demure, grace, and prowess, she could definitely rock this vehicle. Truly fits her outgoing and strong personality!

Georgina Wilson

Automobile: Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe

To match her fierceness and sophistication, Georgina have chosen this Jaguar. This sports car is fit for the young generation. With Georgina’s active lifestyle, this is surely perfect for her taste.

This ride definitely has one of the best looks that could give you an optimum performance. There’s ample enough space for a getaway with this one, and the engine makes up a more harmonious and better balanced use of its power. No wonder this gorgeous lady find this ride super fun to drive!

Isabelle Daza

Automobile: Aston Martin

Mesmerized by the beauty of this car, no doubt Isabelle got hooked when she was driven to the Star Magic Ball 2015 in it. It is also the same car James Bond has driven – made like finely cut suits. Definitely an eye candy on the streets.

Isabelle is known to be a wonderful driver, as seen on her posted video on Facebook about her Grab driver experience. She was nice and approachable to her passengers. Imagine her driving that dashing Aston and you will get 2 gems in one go!

Kathryn Bernardo

Automobile: Lexus XE30

This sedan is Kath’s personal car. Lexus’ smallest sedan is fit for the daily travels of the Teen Queen. She enjoys driving this car from shooting venues and tapings of her teledramas.

Even though Daniel has his own set of luxurious cars as well, Kathryn has managed to buy her own preference. It is important not to be reliant to your lover when you are capable to have something with your own money, don’t you agree? Way to go, Kath!

Maja Salvador

Automobile: Isuzu MU-X

The Dance Princess got her very own Isuzu last year on her birthday. It is the very own company’s gift to her as their product endorser. Truly one of the grandest birthday gift she ever had.

With the tagline, “Center of Attraction – In the spotlight at any spot,” Maja continues to radiate as a star with her ride. With the big built of this car and strong engine, it could definitely live up with the high energy this actress exudes every time she appears on stage or in the screen.

Lovi Poe

Automobile: Hyundai Starex

This bombshell has settled for a spacious van as her own ride. Ideal when going out of town with family and friends – the more, the merrier. With her busy schedule, she could sleep and rest inside while on the road.

Roomier, family-oriented, and tough – these are the specifications of this machine, which is definitely inclined with the owner. Lovi is a very open and outgoing person, loves being with her family, and one tough women – mentally and physically. A car is truly a reflection of its driver, don’t you agree?

Marian Rivera

Automobile: Mercedes Benz GLK 220

Kapuso’s Primetime Queen definitely has a good taste with everything, including her car. Fit for her small family of three, this Mercedes Benz is sleek and elegant as her.

She doesn’t want to be left behind by her husband’s Maserati so she purchased her own ride. A living proof that a married couple could still invest in having separate cars of their own – especially if they can afford it.

Toni Gonzaga

Automobile: Nissan Patrol

Toni is one of the most richest celebrities of today and she has a car collection of her own – a BMW316, Ford E150, Ford Fiesta, and Nissan Patrol. She invested on these with her own money gained from her successful career in the industry.

Known as one of the most versatile actress we have, her taste for cars varies as well. For different occasions and purposes, she could choose from her selection and drive at her own expense. We wish to be as happy and wealthy as this lady!

Rhian Ramos

When thy trip becometh long, my driving becometh lazy.

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Automobile: Honda Jazz

Looking hot in a race suit, Rhian is known to be a race car driver when she’s not seen on TV. Adrenaline-junkie as she is, her personal car has an edgier look that suits her style as well. She enjoys the comfort of her hatchback during her lazy days.

Owning the specifications of being sexy, Honda Jazz fits Rhian perfectly. Being multi-faceted, the actress needs a car that could adapt to the way she moves – her style and energy.

Anne Curtis

Making my way down town 🚗🎤 @audi_ph #Q5

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Automobile: Audi Q3

Anne is an Audi ambassador which is why she tends to fall in love with their cars. Audi Q3 was dubbed as the safest car and the 2014 World Car of the Year. The best deserves nothing but the best.

Smooth, refined, and utterly capable – this car delivered to Anne’s expectations making everyday driving a pleasure. What else could you ask for?

PHOTO CREDITS: elite.com, Angel Locsin

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