10 Struggles Every Taxi Rider Can Relate To

When a Filipino commuter does not have a PUJ or a bus in sight and does not want to smell like a smoke-belching vehicle, a taxi might be the best thing to resort to. This form of transportation is also the choice of people who do not want to look like they’re about to head home when in fact, they are just about to go to work. If you think some people are just being maarte, try commuting in and out of Metro Manila.


And because people will always be innovative and go for the more convenient choice, Uber and Grab were invented which gives us a more convenient and easy-to-book option for commuting. Commuters can easily book their trips using their smartphones through plotting where they would be picked up and where they would be dropped off. These applications brought a lot of convenience to commuters that’s why a lot of people went mad over the issues about Grab and Uber. LTFRB is about to impound these ride-hailing services lacking franchise which counts up to 90% of its population. As a result, netizens voiced out their struggles when using taxis and here are ten of them:

1. Some drivers keep on asking for additional fees

Unlike Grab and Uber, taxis don’t have a fixed rate so the tendency of some drivers is to ask the passengers for an additional payment because the destination is too far for them. Majority of the taxis are already metered but still, drivers keep on asking for more. Kuya, kaya nga po may metro eh.

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