The ride-hailing firm Angkas recently announced that they are looking for volunteers who will serve as paramedics for the launch of the very first motorcycle ambulance service in the Philippines.

Angkas is known for its great assistance during rush hours and traffic jam. Therefore, the movement of the firm to set the motorcycle ambulance will have a massive role to the society for it can easily provide first-aid to those people who are in emergency.

In addition, Angkas assured that the volunteers for this platform will be receiving the “Angkas Buhay” intensive training course for Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT). Angkas also said that they will be securing the medical supplies in the “ambucycles”.

Angkas is identified as a life-saver figuratively by everyone, but with this platform the idea of life-saver will be a reality. By just clicking the emergency button, Angkas assured that the nearest EMT will arrive faster and save countless lives.