The Hyundai Asian Resources Inc. (HARI) had just received the Service Excellence Award Best in Service Operations at the 2019 Hyundai CV Global Service Conference held in Seoul, South Korea. ‘HARI’ is the official distributor of passenger cars and commercial vehicles in the Philippines.

This isn’t the only award that HARI had received during their time; their most recent award being the 2018 Regional Distributor of the Year in Asia-Pacific/Russia & CIS in the Hyundai Truck & Bus Regional Convention in Cebu City. Earlier awards being the Excellent Customer Service Achievement Award (Passenger Cars), Service Excellence Award for Best Service Cooperation (Commercial Vehicles), and the HMC Asia-Pacific Best in CV Marketing, all of which was awarded in 2017.

The award was bestowed by D.K. Kwon from the Hyundai Motor Company’s CV Service Division after their two-day Global Service Conference. Also, present and had received awards for Service Excellence was Algeria with Service Enhancement, Columbia for Service Cooperation, and Russia for Marketing.