Bill Requiring Motorcycles To Have 2 Large License Plates Became A Joke To The Public

The Senate passed a bill that would require motorcycles and scooters to have 2 large license plates for easy identification last July 25.

Senate Bill No. 1397 or the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act of 2017, by Sen. Richard Gordon and Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III, was approved with 21 positive votes and no abstain.

LTO mandates to issue bigger and reflectorized license plates to every motorcycle and scooter in the country. They said that by increasing the size of the motorcycle plates, Traffic Enforcers and Crime witnesses can be able to read the plate numbers from a distance so that the riders involved in an accident or crime can be aided.

They said that it must be placed in both front and rear parts or the motorcycle. The plate number should also be big enough so that it can be readable from a 12-15 meter distance. They also wanted to assign color schemes of the plate number from every region so that they can easily identify where the motorcycle is registered. This was a handout photo from

One facebook user named Marcos Khino posted a photo of a motorcycle with a fake plate showing how big LTO wants it to be.

The post became viral and turned into an instant laughing stock for netizens. The post already has 1.7K reactions, 6.4K shares and 345 comments all about how strange and comedic this law could be. They continued to make fun of the photo by commenting on the post.

Gordon said that motorcycles have become crime machines because criminals can easily flee from the scene of the crime and usually there are no witnesses who can read or identify the plate numbers so that authorities can go after the criminals.

Furthermore, they explained that if a motorcycle was intentionally used in the commission of a crime, the owner, driver and the passenger who participated in the crime shall be punished either by imprisonment of a term of 12 years and 1 day up to 20 years as provided under the revised penal code. Also, driving without a plate number is prohibited and shall be punishable by 4 months and 1 day up to 2 years and 4 months or a fine not less that Php50,000.

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