Hybrid vehicles are cleaner, and more efficient than the traditional gasoline-fed vehicles. According to the Department of Natural Resources (DENR), a majority of the air pollution in the Philippines is caused by vehicle emissions, at 69 percent. 90 percent of which comes from Metro Manila alone.

So that the purchase and usage of these vehicles would be increased in the country, the government is planning to give incentives to both buyers and manufacturers of Electronic Vehicles (EV’s). Rafaelita Aldaba had discussed the current situation of EV’s in the country, discussed current policies, and has shown an overview regarding future policies that will incentivise both the manufacturers and buyers.

In case you were unaware, there are zero tariffs imposed on components and parts which are used in the assembly of hybrid, electric, flexible-fuel, and compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles; that would be under Executive Order No. 488.

There are also other bills and Senate Laws which support EVs. Such as one wherein you will excise duty exemption and value added tax (VAT) exemption for raw materials, parts, and capital equipment used for EVs. Priority in public utility vehicle (PUV) franchise application will be provided. Buyers of hybrid and electric vehicles will be given priority in registration and will be given insurance on license plates; they will also be exempt from Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program (coding) and will be alloted free parking slots.