Queen P is being talked about in the motoring community in the past days. This time, it won’t be about the never ending mis-announcement of the Miss Universe Pageant.

Pia said that she’s been driving around in an “old pre-loved car” for quite some time. But last week, she just announced via Instagram that she has finally bought her first brand-new vehicle using her own money and that’s a pretty big deal.

“Iba pa rin pala talaga ang pakiramdam ng achievement na ‘to. Yung makita mo yung pinaghirapan mo,” she said in her post in Instagram.

Actually, it’s taken so long since she bought her first car. this only shows how humble she was and how great Pia is when it comes to saving money. She is indeed the most down to earth Miss Universe ever.

What’s her car? She didn’t say it but netizens were 99% sure that this car is a Toyota Alphard from the door panels and seats. We think that this car is just a perfect car for a queen.

This is a good lesson for us to save money and invest with something big like what Queen P did.

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