Maintain your clear vision on the road at night using LHR HUD F4 Head Up Car Display. This product is made to give you a wider picture of the possible scenario you may encounter while driving. Included with this car tool are cable, screen protector, placement pad and reflective screen. Furthermore, having this product will enable drivers to know about the proper orientation and navigation of their vehicle with one look. Just attach this device to the car’s OBD2 connector then, plug in the device and drive away!

Environment temperature: -40c- + 80c atmospheric pressure 86-106KPa
Relative Humidity: 10% -95% environmental noise <= 60dB (A)
Alarm sound level: "= 30dB (A)
Working voltage: 9V ~ 16Vdc (12Vdc / 400mA)
HUD size: 150*85*14(mm) / 15*8.5*1.4 (cm)
HUD Weight: 110 g / 0.11 kg
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