The batteries on an Electric Vehicles or EV’s last a long time before having to be replaced with a new one, whilst the standard car battery lasts for about 2 to 3 years before being replaced. Recently, Nissan has revealed that their manufactured Leaf batteries are estimated to outlast the car that it was built in by 10-12 years.

From the first generation of batteries which sold 400,000 units, Nissan has been monitoring their charging patterns and their battery degradation. The lifespan of the EV batteries is expected to be around 22 years, which the company may need to recover afterward.

Nissan has also utilized their Leaf batteries on devices outside of cars, an example being the Amsterdam’s Arena Stadium, providing it with reliable and efficient energy.

Nissan is looking for more ways to balance out the supply and demand for electricity, and they are starting with their cars. Any energy that is stored in the EV can be returned onto the grid and reused by other people.

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