Mobil Industrial lubricants introduced a new line of high-performance anti-wear hydraulic oils, the Mobil DTE™ 20 Ultra Series, at Seda Vertis North. North Trend Marketing Corporation, the exclusive distributor of Mobil Industrial lubricants in Luzon and Visayas, in cooperation with the Philippine Plastics Industry Association, Inc. (PPIA) and Philippine Institute of Packaging (PIP), aims to offer to plastic fabricators who are engaged in molding, extrusion, weaving, lamination and recycling the right equipment lubrication to increase productivity and cost efficiency.

Developed to help customers achieve their ambitions, the new Mobil DTE 20 Ultra Series oils offer outstanding oxidation and thermal stability, extending oil life and minimizing deposit formation in harsh conditions. The resulting lower oil consumption and shorter maintenance downtime extend equipment life and increase productivity.

The Mobil DTE 20 Ultra Series oils meet the stringent requirements of hydraulic systems using high-pressure, high-output pumps and other hydraulic system components such as clearance servo-valves and numerically controlled machine tools, allowing the use of a single product with excellent performance characteristics.

“Our products demonstrate up to two times longer oil drain intervals compared to our Mobil DTE 20 Series and similar competitor oils. This is a result of the Keep Clean Performance feature, which protects critical hydraulic system components such as tight tolerance servo and proportional valves found in many hydraulic systems against malfunction,” shares Rex Gurrea, North Trend Marketing chief engineer.

The DTE 20 Ultra Series oils have ISO VG 32, 46, 68,100. They offer enhanced corrosion protection to help ensure systems are protected by a wide variety of component metallurgy. The oils feature controlled demulsibility to protect systems from small and large quantities of water, thereby extending filter life.

“Mobil has always been committed to providing the Filipino industrial sector with high-quality lubricants. The DTE 20 Ultra Series was specially formulated to adapt to the needs of heavy-duty equipment to enable them to accomplish unprecedented productivity goals,” shares North Trend Marketing Chief Operating Officer Mr. Ronald Ang.