Saudi Arabia Finally Allows Women To Drive

A show of women empowerment and a triumph of women’s fight for equality are the two things to be celebrated as Saudi Arabia finally allows its women to drive.

The longstanding policy of Saudi Arabia prohibiting women to drive has been a subject of controversies and an icon of women’s tyranny in the world. Saudi Arabia government think that it is about time to let women drive their own car and participate in workplaces more often.

In some reports, many working Saudi women spend most of their salaries hiring male drivers just to drive them to work.

Activists and women’s rights advocates show happiness and victory all over Twitter after hearing the new policy.

Loujain Hathloul, famous women right activist who had been detained for 73 days trying to cross the boarder from UAE to Saudi Arabia last 2014, tweeted “Thank God.”

Last 2015, Saudi Arabia government permitted women to vote and even run for Kingdom’s local council.

This significant change will take effect on June of next year.

Photo: Credit: Faisal Al Nasser

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