Provincial buses, one of the supposed reasons for traffic along EDSA. These buses were said to be banned since last year, however, the plan to ban the busses has been delayed indefinitely, until further notice.

The ban is meant to limit the drop points of the bus to only be within the boundaries of their stations rather than the drops that normal buses offer. This would lessen traffic since the buses would stop a lot less compared to before.

How the buses operated before, they would stop on certain points in order to drop off their passengers in more convenient terminals. However, this had caused problems for everyone else, due to the inconvenient stops for the vehicles which had followed these buses.

However, the time that is being taken to implement the ban is long, as there have been many complications throughout the process of such. Would the effort put behind this be worth it? Or would it be better for them to cancel the plan instead?

I believe that they should stop in terms of trying to ban the provincial buses. The reason being, the convenience of the passengers should be of higher priority, as the stations of these busses are out of the way. Plus, these buses are not a major player when it comes to traffic. It is more on the infrastructure of the network than the vehicles within.

By: Nico Estrella