Shaping the youth goes beyond classroom learning as academic institutions now offer a wide array extra-curricular activities to help build character and better prepare students for the real world. As one of the country’s biggest educational institution, STI has also adopted this mindset as they apply a holistic education approach within its Enrollment to Employment (E2E) system.

With its dedication to produce well-balanced and highly talented graduates. STI has developed specialized extra-curricular programs that allow students to hone and exhibit their talents inside and outside of their respective courses.

One of its marquee programs is its long-running STI Talent Search, which the institution conducts annually to promote the sharing and fostering of innate talents of its students nationwide.

Over 20,000 senior high school and college students from STI campuses in different parts oc the country gathered in a whole-day celebration of talents, skills, and achievements that upholds STI’s thrust towards excellence on October 5, 2018 at the Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

Several competitions were held simultaneously at the Band Stand and the Enchanting Events Place featuring the finest student musicians, dancers, heartthrobs, and darlings to compete in this year’s Singing Idol (solo singing competition), Battle of the Bands (band competition), Hataw Sayaw (dance competition), and the much awaited Search for Mr. and Ms. STI 2018.

Besides the exclusive use of the entire theme park, STIers relished in the whole day of festivity and performances from celebrity guests. The grand celebration was concluded with a magnificent fireworks display.

The STI Talent Search is only one of the student programs lined-up for the school year as the institution prepares to welcome the upcoming Second Semester with more exciting & network-wide educational activities all geared towards holistic development.

“For 35 remarkable years of developing students’ potential through academic and extra-curricular activities. STI has always been innovative in providing our students with strong learning experiences to become well-rounded individuals,” said Aisa Hipolito, STI AVP for Academic Reasearch.

Among the activities for the 2nd Semester are Tagisan ng Talino and Tagisan ng Sining which include academic competitions like Think Quest (team quiz bee), CodeFest (mobile app development), Mix n’ Flair (flair bartending), Travelogue (tour guiding), Chef Xpress (cooking competition), Shutter’s Best (photography), and Director’s Cut (video making), among others.

STI will also be holding the STI National Youth Convention, the largest educational caravan in the country, and the STI Sports Cup featuring the National Basketball Tournament and the National Volleyball League.