This Man Spreads Good Vibes Everyday By Sharing His Ride To Strangers

In Metro Manila, traffic is inevitable. Day-to-day road hassles plus the grim public transportation access will definitely make you mad.

It’s either you accept the fact that this negative vibe is already part of your daily life or spread good ones by helping a stranger on the road. Well in this case, someone chose to do the latter.

He is Ganns Deen, a radio DJ who spreads good vibes on the road by sharing his ride to strangers every day. According to Ganns Deen, he started this random act of kindness upon seeing a couple turned down by a “picky cab”.
He offered them a ride for free upon knowing that the couple’s destination is literally on his route.

Aside from being one of the key solutions to end traffic dilemma here in Metro Manila, he also points out that carpooling is not just sharing rides or saving up money, it is also a way of showing someone that you care.

Wunder promotes “Bayanihan” on roads through the #BringBayanihanBack campaign that encourages car owners to share their rides via carpooling. Wunder App is available in the Apple App store and in Google play store for free.

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