Imagine driving on the road, and while going for a long drive towards wherever you want to go, you hear a loud pop, accompanied by the difficulty of driving. Your tire just popped. Now you’ll have to replace it with the spare that you have in the back, which would take time and effort, because honestly, replacing a flat tire isn’t easy. Now imagine that scenario again, except your tire does not pop, because it can’t pop.

Michelin and General Motors are planning to create a new set of airless tires, which would help in sustainability, and would also remove the issue of tires popping or tearing while driving along the road.

The Uptis (unique puncture-proof tyre system), the name of the new airless tires, will use less raw materials and less energy during the production phase. The materials used would be composite rubber and resin-embedded fibreglass, which is said to be able to support a vehicle’s weight while driving at road speed. There is said to be no difference while driving with the Uptis as compared to driving with pneumatic tires.

The tires are targeted to launch at the year 2024, with the price and the range/size of the vehicles still not being announced.